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Your partner in industrial innovation

About Projitech

With Projitech, discover how today's technology can transform your business of tomorrow.

The Origin of Our Vision (1999)

Founded in 1999 by Van Wall, a visionary from Gaspésie, Projitech began as an ambitious solo project. After a decade of rewarding experience at Proctor and Gamble and Alberta Energy in Western Canada, Mr. Wall brought to Projitech an unwavering spirit of teamwork and a deep appreciation for the value of employees. These fundamental values have guided Projitech in its rise.

Growth and expansion (2009)

In 2009, Projitech reached a decisive milestone. Van Wall assembled a team of experts, ushering in an era of growth and innovation. This expansion has allowed Projitech to become a key player in the field of industrial automation, while remaining faithful to its initial objective: supporting Canadian companies in their development.

Regional Recognition (2015)

Projitech's excellence was recognized in 2015, when it made the cover of the Distinctive Business Magazine “Action Beauce”. This recognition underlined our status as a local flagship and our commitment to the Beauce community, where Projitech has chosen to establish itself.

Securing the future (2020)

In 2020, in a sustained growth momentum, a seasoned automation engineer and member of the Projitech team for more than ten years became co-owner. His passion for technology and innovative approach to automation further strengthens our vision of innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Projitech today

Today, Projitech stands out for its unique expertise and its ability to provide tailor-made solutions in the field of industrial automation. Our history is a mosaic of passion, determination and innovation, which continues to shape our future and that of our customers. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where each project is a step towards new achievements and success.

The Projitech team

A synergy of talents in industrial mechanics

When technology and engineering meet

Founded on a passion for technology and a forward-looking vision, Projitech has quickly established itself as a leader in the design and implementation of industrial automation solutions.

Our mission
At Projitech, our mission is to provide tailor-made automation solutions meeting the specific needs of each client. We firmly believe that every industrial challenge is an opportunity for innovation and we are committed to transforming these challenges into tangible successes for our customers.

A team of experts

Projitech specializes in several key areas, including manufacturing, wood, metal and plastic. Our expertise extends from custom machine design to the integration of complex motorized systems, including mechatronics and production in various industries.


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