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Design of production lines

At Projitech, we are passionate about optimizing industrial processes. We are proud to offer production line design and automation services to companies across all sectors.

Realization of industrial projects from A to Z

  • Understanding and analyzing your needs: We start with an in-depth analysis of your needs to ensure that our solution will perfectly meet your expectations.
  • Rigorous feasibility studies: Our experts carry out feasibility studies to assess the technical and practical aspects of your project, thus ensuring its viability.
  • Detailed budget proposal: We develop a transparent budget proposal, providing you with a clear estimate of the costs involved.
  • Precise design: Our designers produce detailed shop drawings, laying a solid foundation for your prototyping project.
  • Innovative Engineering and Modeling: We use advanced engineering and modeling techniques to develop your prototype, ensuring optimal design.
  • Quality Manufacturing and Machining: Our team takes care of the manufacturing and machining of the necessary parts, using high-quality materials and precise machining methods, with the help of expert partners in the field.
  • Meticulous assembly: Each part is assembled with care, ensuring the quality and performance of the final product.
  • On-site delivery and installation: Once prototyping is complete, we deliver and install the finished product directly to your site, ensuring everything works perfectly.
  • Follow-up following implementation: Once the product has been implemented, we follow up to ensure optimal performance of the final product and to provide you with complete satisfaction.


Don't let growth opportunities pass you by

Give your business the tools to thrive in an ever-changing world.

  • Overcome workforce challenges
  • Improve working conditions
  • Optimize your production costs
  • Maximize and standardize production quality

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