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Industrial automation

Revolutionize your production flow with industrial automation from Projitech.

Revolutionize your production

Improve your performance and maximize the efficiency of your resources while minimizing your labor requirements. This is possible through advanced solutions such as programming, PLC integration, sequence optimization, industrial machine and equipment integration, and robotics.

PLC programming

Projitech is able to support your existing production lines and adapt to your reality. We support all popular brands of PLCs such as Omron, Allen-Bradley, but also other more niche brands as well as discontinued products.

We also offer a PLC upgrade service to offer you a reduced risk of prolonged downtime of your equipment and easier support. In a market where skilled labor trained to use older technologies is increasingly difficult to obtain, the investment in upgrading pays off in the long term.

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  • Optimize your production costs
  • Maximize and standardize production quality

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