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Quality Control

Projitech improves your quality control and helps you achieve excellence in your production operations through advanced technologies.

Advanced quality control solutions for flawless production

We offer innovative quality control solutions, integrating cutting-edge vision tools and laser lines, to ensure unparalleled precision and reliability in your operations.

One of the biggest benefits of our quality control service is the significant reduction in costs associated with non-quality. By detecting defects early and ensuring consistent quality, you minimize losses and improve the overall efficiency of your production.

Why quality inspection?

Quality inspection makes it possible to increase the profitability of a production line by reducing the cost of quality. When a high volume of parts are produced on the same line, an automated quality inspection solution can easily pay for itself in less than a year and have benefits over the entire life of the production line. Automating quality inspection is important since it affects the cost of good and bad quality:

  • Reduced costs for achieving good quality
    • Optimizes preventive maintenance by seeing the real-time effect on parts
    • Minimizes the cost of rejects by detecting them earlier in the process
    • Frees up labor for more productive tasks
  • Reduced costs caused by poor quality
    • Reduces rejections by participating in continuous improvement (inspection does not reduce rejections by itself)
    • Reduces the amount of wrong products delivered, reducing the cost of claims
    • Allows you to establish a relationship of trust with customers

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