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Mechanical Engineering Services

Design of production lines

As specialists in mechanical engineering, we cover all the expertise necessary to orchestrate the complete automation of an industrial process or an entire production line. Whether your goal is to increase production or reduce labor requirements,...

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Design of custom industrial machines

As experts in mechanical engineering, we offer you machines designed specifically to meet your needs. Whether you need automation for a production line or specific machines, we have you covered.

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Engineering and industrial design

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Industrial automation

Our company stands out for the design and manufacturing of custom industrial equipment, the automation of industrial processes and the maintenance of equipment to optimize productivity and reduce operational costs.

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Improvement of industrial machines

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Upkeep and maintenance of industrial machines

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Reconditioning of industrial machines

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Industrial project management

Projitech is much more than a service provider. We are your partner for industrial excellence. Our multidisciplinary team of experienced engineers is committed to exceeding your expectations and providing you with project management solutions that...

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Technical consultation

Discover our cutting-edge technical consulting service, specializing in the creation of custom machines, the integration of innovative motorized systems, the addition of advanced mechanical systems, the integration of high precision vision and...

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